Easter Sunday (DVD)

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A group of hard partying teenagers set out to raise some hell.  Instead, they raise the DEAD in this film that "plays like something straight out of 1986" (acutabove.com)

It's been 24 years since the deranged serial killer Douglas Fisher was executed by police on Easter ight, and his gruesome story became a terrifying urban legend.  Then, during a drunken campfire ritual, a group of teens accidentally conjure up the spirit of Douglas Fisher... aka the bunny masked killer!  Unless they can stop him before Midnight on Easter the evil bunny slasher will tear their town and everyone in it to pieces.  

So lock your doors and hide, or there will be no candy in your Easter basket - just the limbs and body parts of your family and friends!  Doug Fisher kills everyone in sight, so if you're not careful he'll take your head this Easter night. 

Featuring some of the most innovative and gore SFXin low-budget exploitation cinema, EASTER SUNDAY will terrify and astonish you! 

"This 1980's homage movie has alot going for it, wisecrack one-liner killer, over the top acting, some great special effects and even a cameo from the first Jason Voorhees himself Ari Lehman as a postman. One thing that really stands out is that the killer who happens to wear an evil looking Easter bunny mask really likes ruining his victims eyes." - HorrorScreamsVideoVault.co.uk

"a super fun slasher with it’s tongue planted firmly in cheek. It’s got some nice kills and a raunchy and twisted sense of humor.  If you don’t mind your horror films with a hefty dose of cheese, then I highly recommend you give Easter Sunday a shot" - PopHorror.com

Fan and Festival Favorite EASTER SUNDAY festival screenings and awards include Macabre Fair Film Festival, Fright Night Film Fest, Four State Slasher Con, Star Gate Galactic International Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror Festival, MCN Film Fest, Fright Nith Film Fest, Fan Favorite Feature, Best SFX, Best Director Martinsville International Horror Fest, 3rd Runner Up Horror Comedy at the International Horror Hotel Film Festival and Motor City Nightmare Film Festival. 

"a great death scene by boiling water and an awesome killer mask" - GrossMovieReviews.com

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March 14, 2017




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DVD format, Feature 95 mins, 2.0 Stereo, UPC 612385310393, 16x9, Behind-the-Scenes, Trailer Vault