Dungeon Of Death 2

Tina Krause and Deana star as the two nieces of Ally and Anne who suffered through the horrible nightmares of the original “Dungeon of Death.” Unfortunately for Beth (Tina) and Sue (Deana), the nightmares are beginning again! And both Beth and Sue find themselves on the brink of madness! Will they go through with their suicide pact? Or is there more to the nightmares than it appears? And what secret does Nurse Curtis (Dawn Murphy) uncover, and will it cost her her life? And will Dr. Peterson (GW Lawrence) cure their nightmares or only make them worse? And what hideoous tortures await them in the chamber below? You\'re in store for the most tragic and shocking ending we\'ve ever done! (nudity, violence, stranglings, shootings, hangings, stabbings, dragging and carrying, bondage)    



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