Dirty Movie Theater Triple Feature (2-DVD Set) (DVD)

The raunchy cartoon character Uncle Farts along with his teenaged nephew Scooper, introduce a series of 1970s soft-core Grindhouse films:  

Involuntary Bird – Corrupt cops, drug dealers and prostitutes pool their resources in this sleazy grindhouse gem.
She'll Do Alright – When an attractive foreign woman takes a job in the US as a live-in maid, she learns more than English in this wacky plot starring John Leslie, Sue Nero and Herschel Savage. 
First Time – Your dead-beat boyfriend (Joey Slivera) can’t pay the rent?  No problem, start a career in porn! 
Adultery For Fun and Profit – What’s more fun than having sex with married women?  Blackmailing them for money afterward!   

1970s / 200 mins. / Color / Not Rated / 4x3 / English / Region 0      




Alternative Cinema Exclusive: 

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