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Welcome to Cyberotica, where the hottest, wildest, most uninhibited female fantasies come the click of a mouse! Watch in pleasure-soaked anticipation as seven beautiful, yet erotically unfulfilled women experience their deepest, steamiest desires right before their very eyes...and yours! Upon wearing the unique cyber headset, each delectable customer is transported into a virtual world of sinful and seductive ecstasy where anything and everything can happen. From intimate encounters to ultra-sexy romps to the most luxurious sensual escapades, these luscious women really let down their hair to indulge every naughty fantasy. Straining, sweating, hard-bodied beauties with eager mouths, probing tongues and unquenchable erotic appetites- they know how to get the most out of a thousand giga-bytes of hard drive space. This special SEDUCTION CINEMA release of CYBEROTICA contains a never-before-seen bonus segment. Bonus Segment included on both DVD and VHS versions. * This title, "CYBEROTICA," is distributed exclusively by EI Independent Cinema, L.L.C. and is not in any way affiliated with the Trademark, "CYBEREROTICA," the Internet domain name, "," or Voice Media, Inc.




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