Criminally Insane / Satan's Black Wedding (DVD)

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Criminally Insane (a.k.a. Crazy Fat Ethel) and Satan's Black Wedding are the long-sought-after fright films by 1960/70s sexploitation filmmaker Nick Philips - his only forays into the horror genre. Best known for grim and despairing soft-core features including Roxanna and Pleasures of a Woman, Philips switched gears in 1975 and directed what are rightly considered creepy, outrageous and idiosyncratic horror cult classics. Both films have been newly transferred from the original film elements. This is their first release ever on DVD! SATAN\S BLACK WEDDING 1975 / USA Mark travels to California to unravel the mystery surrounding his sister's death. He learns that she had been writing a novel about Satanic worship and spent a good deal of time at an abandoned church outside of town. When Mark begins seeing her in the company of a creepy looking priest, he goes to the old church and learns that Satan himself has chosen him and his sister to be wed in unholy matrimony...and become the proud vampire parents of the Antichrist!

CRIMINALLY INSANE (a.k.a. Crazy Fat Ethel) 1975 / USA Tipping the scales at 300 pounds, Ethel Janowski (Priscilla Alden) - "Crazy Fat Ethel" - has just been released from a mental institution. Ethel is full of repressed rage, but she can\'t get full no matter how much she eats. When her grandmother locks away the food, Ethel kills the old woman for the keys to the pantry and soon becomes a bloodthirsty, mass-murdering monster that will slaughter anyone who gets in the way of her appetite. But what will Ethel do with the corpses that are piling up in the attic? 





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