Cloak & Shag Her (2-disc)

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Seduction Cinema proudly presents the erotically charged, action-packed spy spoof Cloak & Shag Her. This 2-disc collection of swingin’ sensuality and psychedelectable sexploitation stars popular Seduction Cinema beauties Julian Wells (Spiderbabe), Darian Caine (Lord of the G-Strings) and A.J. Khan ( SSI ). London. 1969. Super sexy secret agent April Flowers and bumbling sidekick Basil travel forward in time to the year 2019 to face their archest of enemies - the sinister Dr. Mean (Darian Caine). Seems that Mean and her evil, go-go dancing stripper-clone have concocted a potent love potion that immediately induces uninhibited sexual promiscuity, quite a naughty way to achieve world domination. 2-DISC PACKAGE CONTAINS: - CLOAK & SHAG HER (2007) feature film - Commentary with director William Hellfire - Extraordinary Behind-The-Scenes - Massive Seduction Cinema Trailer Vault - CD Soundtrack by Trigger Finger Date of DVD Release: January 29, 2008

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January 29, 2008




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