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Something is calling.  One man is listening. 
Winner of six international awards including Best Feature Film, Best Horror Film and Best Actor, The Casebook of Eddie Brewer is a chilling film critics are calling "One to watch" (SFX Magazine) and "damned eerie" (
A matter of belief becomes a question of survival as a TV documentary film crew follows old-school paranormal investigator Eddie Brewer (Ian Brooker) as he researches two disturbing and baffling cases:  a suburban home where a neurotic mother is convinced something malevolent has attached itself to her ten year old daughter; and The Rookery House, a dilapidated Eighteenth Century building with strange noises and unexplained phenomenon coming from the cellar.  Facing the greatest challenges of his life, Eddie confronts the source of these paranormal manifestations during an all night vigil at the old house.  What began as a mocking expose of his work becomes a terrifying battle between reason and the paranormal. 

Best New Feature Film at the 2012 Shock and Gore Film Festival at the Electric Cinema, Birmingham, UK; Best Sci-fi or Horror Award at the 2012 Film Festival of Colorado; Best Independent Movie at the Festival of Fantastic Films, Manchester; Best in Fest at the Unreal Film Festival, Memphis; and Best Supernatural Movie at Midnight Black Festival of Darkness, LA.  Lead actor, Ian Brooker, won Best Actor in a Feature at Buffalo Screams Horror Film Festival at Buffalo, New York where the film was also nominated for Best International Film.

“A fine film - a rare cinematic example of the kind of supernatural dread the great ghost story writers conveyed. M. R. James comes to mind" - Ramsey Campbell, Award Winning Horror Novelist (The Grin of the Dark)
"A smart and unassuming film that builds to become not only creepy, but truly haunting" (Stephen Volk, Ghostwatch)
"One to watch" - SFX Magazine
"A damned eerie experience" -
"This is a movie you'll want on your shelf to revisit on dark winter nights. I'm somewhat reticent to invoke that over-used word 'classic', so I'll just say that my bluray of The Casebook of Eddie Brewer is going to sit on the same shelf as my copies of Ghostwatch, The Stone Tape, The Woman In Black (1989) and the Complete BBC Ghost Stories For Christmas..." - Jim Moon, Hypnogoria
"This is a first class example of what British supernatural filmmaking does best. An intelligent, spooky and ultimately rewarding ghost story." - Jim McLeod, GingerNuts of Horror
"This is, after all, an entertaining and refreshing.... horror that stands out from the crowd." - Daniel Sarath, New in Cinema
"An excellent film, that is both engrossing and disturbing. What more can you ask than that?" - David A.Riley, Lurkers in the Abyss
"Andrew Spencer's solid direction combines mock-documentary and "fourth wall" drama that give Eddie Brewer the feel of Most Haunted meets The Stone Tape and invokes the work of Nigel Kneale and Stephen Volk in its sense of slowly mounting dread." - Jon Towlson, Starburst

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February 17, 2015




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2013 / 91 mins. (107 mins. TRT) / Horror / Color / Not Rated / 16x9 / Region 0 / English SPECIAL FEATURES: Casebook Short Trailer; Casebook "Interview" Trailer; Casebook Official Trailer; Trailer Vault