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FREE with purchase of Carlito's Angels DVD: 22' x 32" poster + Alternative Cinema issue #20 with Carlito's Angels cover story

Follow the thrilling misadventures and crime-fighting antics of three very beautiful, very sexy chicks from the hood - Roxy, Tina and Marisol - who'd rather be hangin' and chillin'. But when their boss Carlito calls from his prison cell with a mission of extreme danger...WATCH OUT!…these drop-dead gorgeous Angels are on the case in a heartbeat and ready for high-kicking action on the streets of New York City. Whether it's a dead-beat dad needing a little persuasion, missing welfare checks, or low-life thugs tampering with the neighborhood numbers racket, you can count on these fabulous crime-busting beauties to set things right ­ doing it the only way they know how…Lookin goooood! An outrageous urban action/spoof, CARLITO'S ANGELS presents a crazy, offbeat world populated at every turn by a hilarious cast of characters and a bevy of beautiful babes. It's a non-stop over-the-top, in-your-face adventure with plenty of street-smart attitude and female muscle. 




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