Cannibal Sacrifice

  Starring: Debbie D, Laura Giglio, GW Lawrence Studio: W.A.V.E. Productions   Debbie D stars as Jesse Biggs, a young woman whose sister is awaiting a heart transplant. But ubeknownst to her, Sandy Wells (Laura Giglio), the hospital administrator, has sold her sister’s place in line to Jake Bannister (GW Lawrence). When Jesse is told that the heart is no longer available, and then learns her sister has died overnight, she freaks out and goes after the two people responsible for her sister’s death. Jesse, a cannibal, plans to sacrifice Sandy in order to bring her sister back to life. See Sandy knocked out, carried out over Jesse’s shoulder and then paralyzed with a drug that keeps her from moving, but not from experiencing all the pain and terror that is to come as she she’s tenderized, oiled down, and grilled on a barbecue. (cannibalism, bondage)  45 mins.  



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