Cannibal Hillbillies

  Starring: Dean Paul, Debbie D, Laura Giglio Studio: W.A.V.E. Productions   Debbie D, Dean Paul, and Laura Giglio star in this hilarious black comedy about a none too bright hillbilly brother and sister (Dean and Laura) who come across an innocent victim (Debbie D) asking for directions after getting lost deep in the woods. Little does the woman know that the pair are hungry cannibals out for their next meal. After a desperate attempt to escape, the woman is caught and brought back the pair’s basement where she’s shown what will happen to her. Escaping again, the girl runs through the forest topless, dressed only in her underwear. But she\'s caught once again and carried completely naked back to her fate. (full nudity, barbecuing, extended carrying)  45 mins.   



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