Buxom Bombshell Collection (Uschi Digard) (DVD)

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Retro-Seduction Cinema proudly presents a Double Feature DVD that can barely contain the Double Barreled talents of voluptuous grindhouse cinema legend Uschi Digard. With over 80 cult classic films to her credit including Russ Meyer's Supervixens & Beyond the Valley of the Ultra-Vixens and Nick Philips' Roxanna & Pleasures of a Woman, Sweden-born Uschi Digard was the quintessential buxom beauty whose amazing body and all-natural chest were the very definition of raw sex appeal in the 1960s and 70s. The Buxom Bombshell Collection features Uschi in Nick Philips' 1971 sexploitation classic, Fancy Lady, and Bonus 1970 erotic rauchfest The Dirty Pool.

FANCY LADY (1971) Writer Karin Nykquist (Uschi Digard) has just arrived in San Francisco from Copenhagen. Her mission - an in-depth article comparing the sexual climates of the two cities. Karin states that her home city is infamous for its, "…Free Love, female nymphos, male libertines and pornography," and she secretly hopes to find San Francisco just as inviting. Visiting a grindhouse theater for a little midday delight (and research!), Karin is thrilled to see a movie featuring two eager women clad in thigh-high leather boots, cavorting in a park and taking their passions to sensual and ecstatic heights. We discover that Karin had her own lesbian encounters as an impressionable nineteenyear- old - ripe with the desire to experiment with her nubile and luxurious body. 

DVD Contents-at-a-Glance: - FANCY LADY (1971) Feature Film Directed by Nick Philips - FANCY LADY: A Look Back with 42nd Street Pete - DIRTY POOL (1970) Bonus Feature Film 1.78:1 ( 16x9 Enhanced ) - Full Color Booklet with Liner Notes by 42nd Street Pete - Retro-Seduction Cinema Trailer Vault featuring Uschi Digard




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