Breastford Wives (DVD)

 Glori-Anne Gilbert (Bare Wench Project, Witches of Breastwick) and popular adult actress Taylor Wane (Taylor Wane’s Erotic Games) star in the newest soft-core spoof from director H.R. Blueberry (Busty Cops series). When Rob and Laura move to the cozy town of Breastford, the young couple looks forward to a life of peace and quiet. That’s the last thing they’ll get once they are visited by the welcoming committee of the Breastford Women’s Association – three taut, toned and voluptuous beauties who seem to be non-stop sex machines with no "off" button. But a button DOES control these insatiable hotties, and it’s in the horny hands of Breastford mayor, Doc Brady. Brady has devised a gadget that turns the luscious townswomen into mindless sex slaves, who will drop their clothes and perform the naughtiest acts at the flip of a switch. After Rob all too easily has his way with these ultra-erotic automatons and Laura indulges in her own steamy lesbian seductions, the two realize something is horribly wrong in Breastford. They will get to the bottom of the dastardly yet delectable plot…even if it means further mind-numbing rolls in the hay.

ABOUT TAYLOR WANE: Star Taylor Wane has also appeared in music videos for artists such as Danzig, Game Related, and Gene Simmons and appeared as a dancer on Kid Rock\'s "American Bad Ass" tour. Most recently she has appeared in DR 90210 - e! channel, STYLE COURT - The Style Network, HOWARD STERN SHOW, A & E BIOGRAPHY - Gene Simmons, A & E INKED and Gene Simmons (KISS) FAMILY JEWELS. 




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DVD Contains: - BREASTFORD WIVES feature - Bonus VINTAGE Strip-Tease - Secret Key TRAILER VAULT Pre-Book: 03-13-2007 Street Date: 04-10-2007 ITEM: SKE-DV-8 UPC 878746000895 UNRATED - 120min