BRAvengers Comic and DVD Combo (DVD)

Illustrated by radio personality and Goof Roof cartoonist Noel Scotch Anderson, the comic compliments the popular and successful late-night cinema feature in which a highly intelligent and super-horny Sexbot launches an international dry-humping catastrophe to destroy the earth. It's  up to the BRAVENGERS to save the day! Led by fearless securities consultant Dick Fury, Horny's alter ego Ironbabee joins with Captain Amorica, the Herk and the Mighty Bore to fight evil, restore order and continue the grand tradition of gratuitous boo shots for your entertainment.

DVD includes exclusive alternate version of the feature film plusSeduction Cinema Trailer Vault.

Release Date: 

August 22, 2017




Production Year: 


Alternative Cinema Exclusive: 

No trailer available.
70 min / 16x9 / 2.0 stereo / extras include Seduction Cinema Trailer Vault, Deleted Scenes.