Bloodlust: The Erotic Cinema Of Tony Marsiglia (collection) (DVD)

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These four critically and commercially acclaimed erotic-horror films are now available in this Collector’s Edition package for the first time.  Directed by the “David Lynch”* of erotic cinema, Tony Marsiglia.   *

Lust for Dracula (2004) – The repressed Mina (Misty Mundae) longs for her husband’s love and the happiness a child would bring them - until the arrival of the beautiful and mysterious Dracula (Darian Caine) - seductive vampire servants at her side - changes her life forever. A sexy, stylish re-interpretation of the classic Bram Stoker story that weaves a dark and tragic tale of madness, obsession, transformation and death.

Sinful (2006) – Lilith (Misty Mundae) cannot conceive a child.  As her marriage begins to unravel, so does her hold on reality slip dangerously away.  When a beautiful pregnant neighbor (Erika Smith) befriends Lilith, their relationship ignites an envy that turns increasingly threatening and grotesque in this “ripped from the headlines” erotic shocker.  

Witches of Sappho Salon (2003) – When young, virginal Janet Fontaine stops by a trendy NYC beauty salon run by three sexy witches, she seals her fate as a sacrifice to Satan!  Seduced into erotic excess by her newfound lovers, her suspicious and frustrated boyfriend waits for the moment to strike…but is it already too late?

Dr. Jekyll and Mistress Hyde (2003) – Controversial therapist Dr. Jackie Stevenson has developed an experimental serum that separates the ‘pure’ and ‘lustful’ halves of the female psyche. When Jackie tests the drug on a depressed young patient (Misty Mundae), she immediately transforms into a maniacal love machine and ravishes Jackie in her office.  Experimenting on herself, Jackie roams the streets searching for young women to fulfill her insatiable erotic desires.  As experimentation turns into addiction, how far will she go to satisfy her ‘other’ insatiable self?      

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September 7, 2010




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