Blood And Sex Nightmare (DVD)

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Something unholy is stalking the guests of The Pleasure Mountain Adult Retreat. Local legend states that 40 years ago, serial rapist and murderer Felix Gallo hung himself at an abandoned campground in these woods. Today, a ‘sex resort’ sits on the site, and couples eager to sample a “swinging lifestyle in rustic surroundings” arrive in droves. Everything goes well and business is booming until, one by one, the guests begin to disappear… and re-appear in bloody little pieces. Is a flesh and blood killer on the loose? Or has Felix’s dormant spirit, disturbed by the sexual energy, come back from the grave to extract his revenge? Welcome to Pleasure Mountain Adult Retreat, where ‘safe sex’ has a very different meaning. Stars Julia M. Morizawa, Andy McGuinness, Dan Petit, Tom Thatcher, Niki Notarile and Tina Krause

DVD Features: - Short Film “Chef Boyardemon” - Short Film “The Roarin’ 20s” - “Devils Everywhere” Music - Bloody Earth Trailer Vault - Liner Notes by director Joe Kolbek DVD 

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August 5, 2008




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