Blind Date Strangler

  Starring: Dean Paul, Pamela Sutch, Laura Giglio Studio: W.A.V.E. Productions   Dean Paul stars as a killer who meets his victims (Pamela Sutch and Laura Giglio) online and then arranges for a blind date with each of them. Luring one back to his place, he chloroforms her and takes her to his makeshift dungeon where he takes pictures of her to be sold on the Internet. Leaving her chained to a rack, he kidnaps the second girl from her own house when she decides not to return with him to his place. She finds herself bound and gagged and then also taken to the dungeon where she meets his other victim. More photos are taken and the women are chloro-formed again and again and placed in different positions. Will they escape or die at the hands of The Blind Date Strangler? (topless nudity, chloroforming, carrying, violence). BONUS FEATURETTE: STRANGLED TWINS stars Laura Giglio and Pamela Sutch, both in dual roles, as twins. One set of twins is very conservative, the other pair flashier and “slutty.” The flashier pair leave to go to town for a festival while the other two confront an intruder who attempts to strangle them. But there\'s more to the attacks than a random act of violence. Check out the surprise ending! (topless nudity, violence)  80 mins.     



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