Bizarre Cases Of Death (DVD)

"IT’S NOT REAL…BUT IT’S REALITY!" Contains realistic depictions of: STRANGULATIONS, HANGINGS, STABBINGS, IMPALINGS, SHOOTINGS, ELECTROCUTION, BEATINGS, DROWNINGS, EVEN LIVE HUMAN DISSECTION... and practically every form of unnatural death and murder imaginable...definitely NOT for the squeamish... Forward by Dr. Samantha Lawrence   "The contents of this tape are real - actual depictions of torture, murder and suicide. You may think you have seen such things already, in news footage of war and crime. However, what I am talking about has never been seen before. What you are about to see are real films showing actual deaths of unsuspecting victims. With over 10,000 unsolved murders occurring every year, you would think it certain that someone would enjoy filming or videotaping a murder for the purpose of future perverse entertainment knowing that surely someone would pay a lot of money to see it. Yet the police and even the FBI claim there are no known actual “murder videos.” But I am telling you that they do exist…in abundance. What you are about to see was supposed to be an educational police video on these videos. It was to be required viewing for all law enforcement cadets. But it is so shocking that no one has seen it….until now.”   -- Dr. Samantha Lawrence Lawrence Psychiatric Institute Ellinville, New Jersey  


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