Batbabe: The Dark Nightie

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From creators of cult classics: IronBabe, Spiderbabe and Lord of the G-String come the darkest, naughtiest, most thrilling and outrageous softcore parody yet! When the lights are turned down moody and low in Bacchum City, that’s when the Dark Nightie comes out to subdue hardened thugs…and to harden those that aren’t. By day, strip club mogul Wendy Wane (Darian Caine) shakes what she’s got at her own go-go joint. At night, she becomes her seductive alter ego – Bat Babe, a voluptuous vigilante who takes a bite out of crime and even bigger bite out naughty females lucky enough to cross her path. All is well until criminal masturmind The Jerker and his righthanded men steal the city’s supply of XXX movies and magazines in order to bring Bacchum to its knees. District Asstorney Henrietta Bent and incompetent police commissioner Jim Boredom ask Bat Babe to work outside the law, and her panties, to apprehend the Jerker. But Bat Babe is torn between lawfully carrying out her sensual civic duty and putting a serious beat on the sinister beat-off kingpin. Will Bat Babe and the long arm of the law succeed in taking down the Jerker? Or will he slip through their fingers to spread his sticky brand of terror all over the place? - Spoof of world-wide box office phenomenon The Dark Knight - Stars Darian Caine (Kinky Kong, Lord of the G-Strings) - Stars Jackie Stevens (IronBabe, Lust In Space) DVD Includes: - Feature, Commentary, Deleted Scenes and more. DVD Release Date: February 24, 2009

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February 24, 2009




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