Babysitter Massacre - OUT OF PRINT (DVD)


A gruesome indie slasher in the tradition of Slumber Party Massacre and House on Sorority Row, available as an official Manufacture-on-Demand DVD-R

Years ago, on Halloween night, a group of childhood friends watched in horror as a member of their Babysitter Club was abducted by a masked stranger.  Now, haunted by their tragic past, the young women plan a bittersweet reunion before heading off to college.  But on that night, a sinister guest brings chaos and fear as one-by-one the women are stalked, mutilated and murdered…is the killer a specter from the past, or is there a new Babysitter Club Killer?    Chock full of nudity, dark humor and a gratuitous body count, Babysitter Massacre is a must-see micro-budget ‘80s horror-homage.  Directed by Henrique Couto (Faces of Schlock, Bleeding Through)  

2013 / 80 mins. (127 trt) / Horror / Color / Not Rated / 16x9 / Region 0 / English  

SPECIAL FEATURES: - Audio Commentary - “Behind the Massacre” Behind-the-Scenes - Deleted Scenes - Outtakes and Bloopers - World Premiere Featurette - Director’s Talk - “Completely Defective” Short Film - “Best Part of Dayton” Short Film - Independent Entertainment Trailers  




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