An Alternative Cinema Exclusive!  Limited Collector’s Edition VHS of the original found-footage shocker – lost for 25 years! – written and directed by Jack Perez (Some Guy Who Kills People), produced by Mick Wynhoff and starring Danny Bonaduce (TV’s The Partridge Family).  Before Man Bites Dog.  Before The Blair Witch Project.  Before Paranormal Activity…there was America’s Deadliest Home Video!
The raw and realistic shot-on-video found footage shocker that started them all! America’s Deadliest Home Video unreels the story of Doug (Danny Bonaduce), an overzealous home video enthusiast who decides to ditch his unfaithful wife for the open road with his beloved camcorder in tow. Doug’s troubles triple when he inadvertently records three criminals known as The Clint Dryer Gang deep-sixing their latest escape vehicle. The egotistical leader Dryer (Mick Wynhoff) then abducts Doug, forcing him to record their atrocious blood-spilling exploits and eventually coercing Doug into joining their heinous crime spree inciting deadly results.
This once obscure but now considered seminal SOV feature abounds with violence, sleaze and sexual tension topped off with a deft touch of comedy from writer / director Jack Perez (Some Guy Who Kills People), and it’s now available once again on VHS!  Experience ADHV and see if you can survive the ride!!
This one-of-a-kind Collector’s Edition VHS is limited to just 100 copies and includes the following collectible items:
- America’s Deadliest Home Video (ADHV) videocassette in bottom-load VHS sleeve featuring newly commissioned artwork
- ADHV original release bottom-load VHS sleeve
- ADHV original release 11” x 17” 2-sided poster
- ADHV “I Survived A Ride with the Clint Dryer Gang” bumper sticker
- ADHV key fob in evidence baggie
- ADHV postcard featuring awesome liner notes by Josh Schafer, Editor-in-Chief Lunchmeat Magazine

“The most chilling surprise of the year” – Michael Gingold, Fangoria
“A New Wave Bonnie and Clyde…destined to become a cult favorite.” – Bob Katerzynske, VideoMania Magazine
"So good it was bound to be stolen by Hollywood." – Chris Gore, Film Threat
"Best Film of 1996." – Joe Bob Briggs

Release Date: 

May 10, 2016




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Alternative Cinema Exclusive: 

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1991 / 85 mins. / Horror, Thriller / Color / Not Rated / 4x3 Full Frame / NTSC / English