Amazon Triple-Feature Dvd (DVD)

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An exploitation Triple Feature of shocking and bloodthirsty jungle horrors at their most extreme, straight from a hellish land where civilized man and woman does not belong...

Naked Amazon (1954) Prepare for a true-life safari into a sudden-death land of fear, savage brutality and primitive nudism when four explorers travel deep into the South American jungle to face its darkest horrors. Zygmunt Sulistrowski’s gruesome and bloodthirsty shock-u-mentary remains the granddaddy of all “Mondo” movies and the exploitation cult classic that influenced such mondo filmmakers as Jacopetti and Prosperi (Mondo Cane).

White Slave (1985) While enjoying the exotic splendors of the Amazon River, Katherine Miles witnesses the decapitation of her parents by headhunters. Abducted by the monstrous savages, Katherine faces torture, humiliation, cannibal attacks and gut-churning primitive rituals. Based on a true story, White Slave is a graphic Italian exploitation shocker with echoes of Cannibal Holocaust and Mountain of the Cannibal God.

Sacrifice of the White Goddess (1995) Savage horror and dangerous adventure mix in this tale of an archaeology student who joins forces with a female ne'er-do-well and a roguish trader to follow an ancient Mayan treasure map in search of gold. What they discover during their journey are the harsh extremes of the jungle where a fate worse than death awaits each of them. 

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May 8, 2007




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