Abigail Leslie Is Back In Town (DVD)

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Legendary arthouse sexploitation auteur Joseph Sarno set the gold standard for provocative depictions of passions run rampant behind the closed doors of hometown America in the 1960s & 70s (Sin in the Suburbs, Moonlighting Wives). Sarno films are heavily female-centric, and his women were strong, desirous and just plain naughty, and they got what they want! Blending thrilling "Peyton Place" melodrama with scandalous \'true story\' headlines torn from the New York City tabloids of his time, Sarno\'s long-lost, 1975 erotica cult classic, Abigail Leslie is Back in Town, stars acclaimed performers Rebecca Brooke, Jennifer Wells, Eric Edwards, Jamie Gillis and \'B\' favorite Sonny Landham (48 Hours, Predator). When seductress Abigail Leslie returns to her old fishing village hometown, it sends a sexual tidal wave through the small community. Abigail is known for her voracious appetite for all things carnal; her homecoming has resparked the passions and lust that smolder beneath the town\'s fa├žade of propriety; and the men and women of Baypoint are thrilled at the nonstop adulterous fun that\'s in store. Abigail\'s longtime girlfriends regret the prodigal daughter\'s sudden return, especially Priscilla, whose husband Gordon (Jamie Gillis) has had a running affair with her. But quicker than you can say "catch of the day," everyone is knocking on Abigail\'s door for an unforgettable night, or day, of lesbian eroticism and swinging orgies. Whether it\'s handyman Chester (Eric Edwards), sexy Aunt Drucilla, tasty young Alice Anne, stud Bo, or lusty pals Tracy and Lila, or any combination thereof, you can bet Abigail will be ready, willing and able to throw in the line and get wet! DVD Contents: - Feature film Re-Mastered and Uncut (1.78:1 Enhanced for 16x9) - Interview: JOE SARNO and PEGGY SARNO - Commentary by Writer/Director JOE SARNO - Full Color Booklet w/ Liner Notes by Sarno Biographer Michael Bowen - Trailers to upcoming JOE SARNO DVD RELEASES




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