Starring: Laura Giglio, Debbie D, Suzi Leigh Studio: W.A.V.E. Productions   Laura Giglio stars as Felicia Dare, a Private Eye who goes undercover to stop the kidnapping and selling of innocent women to white slavers. Janice, a masseuse (Debbie D), lures unsuspecting women into her massage parlor and then chloroforms them, binds and gags them, and then sells them to the highest bidder. Suzi Leigh plays Dawn Pierce, Janice’s latest victim. Can Felicia save her or will she herself become a captive slave? Who\'s behind it all and who\'s the real hero? And you won’t want to miss the explosive conclusion! (partial nudity, violence, chloroforming, carrying, sexy lingerie)    2002 / 70 mins.    




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