1970s Grindhouse Collection (DVD)

Four sleazy gems from the grindhouse era:   
Sex Odyssey – Cave men and cave women get it on.  At least they look like cave women…it was the hairy ‘70s, after all.  What more can we say?  
Dionysius – The Greek god is summoned, seduced and ritualistically killed…then gets reborn so he can go through the whole thing all over again.  
Honky Tonk Nights – A country music singer wants people to listen to her voice, not stare at her tits.  Stars Carol Doda, Georgina Spelvin (The Devil in Miss Jones) and Serena (Pleasure Palace)  
Satan’s Daughter – All the power of hell resides between her legs.   

Over three hours of soft-core sex footage from the weird, wacky and very hairy ‘70s, introduced by our favorite cartoon family…Uncle Farts and Scooper “the boy wonder.”  
191 mins. / 1970s / 4x3 / Stereo 2.0    




Alternative Cinema Exclusive: 

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