Alternative Cinema Magazine #4

Alternative Cinema – The B-Movie Magazine
Issue #4, Winter 1995 (86 pages)
Black and White with Color Covers

In this Issue:

- Behind-The-Scenes – AC going mainstream?
- Pissing and Moaning – reader letters
- B’s Nest B-Movie News
- “The Brady Bunch” – From TV to the big screen
- Article: Graham Yost, screenwriter of “Speed”
- Kicking ass in Hong Kong: John Woo legacy
- AC staff’s Top 10 and Bottom 10 movies
- Beyond Ed Wood
- Critical eye on James Cameron’s “True Lies”
- Eye on Independents: “Things”
- Movie preview: “The Sandman”
- Retrospect: “Basket Case”
- Center stage review: “Zombie Bloodbath II”
- Low budget production hell: “They Bite”
- A look at VHS distribution
- Tom Brown’s Laserdisc Review
- Taking Sides: The VHS Videocassette