Alternative Cinema Magazine #3

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Alternative Cinema – The B-Movie Magazine
Issue #3, Fall 1994 (62 pages)
Black and White with Color Covers

In this Issue:

- Behind-The-Scenes – Blockbuster CEO predicts the fall of the “Mom and Pop” video store and predicts that video chains will not carry small indie titles.
- Pissing and Moaning – reader letters
- B’s Nest B-Movie News
- Michael Burnett: Make-Up FX master talks about working on the latest Corman feature.
- Coffin Joe! Exclusive AC Interview
- Surviving a 24 Hour movie marathon
- Eye on Independents: Eric Stanze
- AC goes to VSDA 1994
- Retrospect of “Attack of the Killer Tomatoes”
- Center stage review” Stephen King’s “The Stand”
- Low Budget Production Hell: The making of “Dead Meat”
- A look at B-Movie Marketing
- Tom Brown’s Laserdisc Edge
- Taking sides: Fan conventions