Alternative Cinema Magazine #2

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Alternative Cinema – The B-Movie Magazine
Issue #2, Summer 1994 (62 pages)
Black and White with Color Covers

In this Issue:

- Behind The Scenes Editorial
- Pissing and moaning reader letter dept.
- B’s Nest news
- Torchlight Entertainment: David DeCoteau chats with AC
- Filmmaker Scooter McCrae & the zombie mythos
- Shot-On Video Showcase: “Gore Whore” / “City of the Vampires”
- Censorship and Home-Made Gore: Olaf Ittenbach’s “Burning Moon”
- 1994 Top 50 Things that Suck
- Eye on Independents: Wisconsin Indies Don Adams and Harry James Picardi – from “Schreck” to their 16mm film “Red Eyes”
- “Ticks” star Amy Dolenz
- Low Budget Production Hell: Making “Darkness”
- A Look at B-Movie Marketing
- Laser’s Edge – Tom Brown’s laserdisc column
- Up for adoption – B Movies looking for distribution
- Taking Sides: Camcorder movies on home video