article Posted on October 16th, 2015

‘80s Inspired Anthologies?  Wrestling / Zombie Mash-Ups?  Kitsch-tastic Horror from South America?  Yes, Yes and More! 
Only from
Camp Motion Pictures and Alternative Cinema
October 2015
SCAREWAVES –Shock jock Amos Satan spins spine-tingling tales of terror in SCAREWAVES, an ‘80s style anthology from director Henrique Couto (Babysitter Massacre, Haunted House on Sorority Row) inspired by urban legends.  Don’t forget: Humans Can Lick, Too (so creepy!)
Digital and DVD available October 13 and 27, respectively
Digital Only Releases include the Seduction Cinema deep library ‘classics’ THE BARE WITCH PROJECT & BARE WITCH 2  and GLADIATOR EROTICUS
November 2015
ROCK N’ ROLL FRANKENSTEIN - DVDTalk called it, “an instant exploitation classic.” Filmthreat exclaimed, “a classic piece of B-Movie Entertainment.” The official selection of over 20 international film festivals and winner of Melbourne Underground Film Festival’s “Most Gratuitous Violence” Award, Brian O’Hara’s 1999 horror-comedy Rock n Roll Frankenstein is now available to DVD and Digital home entertainment for the first time in its native 16x9 aspect ratio.  Dudes, Elvis IS in the building.  Check it out November 10, 2015
Digital Only Releases include the Carrie inspired BEAUTY QUEEN BUTCHER and PSYCHO KICKBOXER, starring the sweet mustache of 4x kick-boxing champion, Curtis Busch
January 2016
IN THE HELL OF DIXIE – A blood-drenched Southern Shocker in the vein of ‘The Most Dangerous Game’…with more blood… and more awesome Southern accents.  Shot on 16mm, in true exploitation style.  Available on DVD and Digital January 26, 2016
February 2016
THE BONE GARDENDirector Mike Gutridge guides a cast of Friday the 13th veterans through an original and mind-blowing tale of murder and suspense.  There’s everything to love and nothing to hate in THE BONE GARDEN, available February 2, 2016 on DVD and Digital Platforms
Watch Misty and Julian Wells get their groove on with DR. JEKYLL AND MISTRESS HYDE in our Digital Only Releases category, along with Seduction Cinema deep catalog, VAMPIRE’S SEDUCTION
UPSIDEDOWN CROSS – David Yow of alt rock band THE JESUS LIZARD stars in William Hellfire’s most gut-wrenching and astonishing feature yet, UPSIDEDOWN CROSS.  Also starring Erin Russ as a drug-addicted victim of Christian fundamentalist doctrine, the insanely hot Tina Krause (Bad Biology) and adult film star Rick Savage.  Limited edition of 1000 units includes clear amaray, double sided wrap, faux “chick tract” by underground comic artist Mike Diana and more.  You seriously cannot miss this one. Available February 23, 2016
March 2016
It’s a cornucopia of best catalog titles from Camp, POP and AC with digital platform releases of NECROVILLE, NAUGHTY NYMPHS, and the stop-motion extravaganza, DRAINIAC by the multi-talented Brett Piper!  New to home entertainment is AWKWARD THANKSGIVING, a hilarious tale of excruciating family holiday traditions from prolific indie director Henrique Couto
April 2016
FROM PARTS UNKNOWN: FIGHT LIKE A GIRL – we couldn’t shorten the title to just FIGHT LIKE A GIRL ‘cause the awesome art by Tom Hodges includes the “parts unknown” bit, but this wrestling-zombie genre mash-up from Australia’s Daniel Armstrong (our newest favorite ‘80s inspired director!) of Murderdrome has us jumping up-and-down in our seats, regardless.  Call it what you will, it’s neon-colored, zombie-wrestled, post-ap0calypse awesome
On the digital front, April brings you the Seduction Cinema ‘classic’ SPIDERBABE, in which Misty and Julian once again go head-to-head in, er, combat and the Polonia Brothers / Brett Piper collaboration, SPLATTER BEACH, which is kind of like Chud by way of a Saturday morning kid’s show.  With boobs. 
May 2016
AMERICA’S DEADLIEST HOME VIDEO – Chris Gore said it was “…so good it’s bound to be stolen by Hollywood!”, Fangoria said it was ““The most chilling surprise of the year” – and a whole bunch of other people also said amazing things about this lost cult film produced by Mick Wynhoff, directed by Jack Perez (Some Guy Who Kills People) and starring Danny Bonaduce of “The Partridge Family.”  Drum Roll aside, this is the first time ADHV will be released to DVD and digital platforms, and we’re also throwing in a limited edition collector’s VHS with alternate original sleeve autographed by the director, producer and female lead, too.  Thanks to Josh Schafer of Lunchmeat Magazine for working with Camp on this fantastic, one of a kind, stupendous and super Camp /Lunchmeat co-release…that we’ve been working toward for well over a year.  Available on all sorts of current and defunct formats May 10, 2016

WNUF HALLOWEEN SPECIAL - following a crazy-successful underground marketing campaign by director Chris LaMartina and producer Jimmy George, the faux regional television broadcast phenomenon WNUF HALLOWEEN SPECIAL comes to DVD and Digital Platforms courtesy of Camp Motion Pictures!  Find out what all the buzz is about May 10, 2016.  'Cause it's worth it. 

The King of NYC independent splatter films is back in HIGH DEFINITION and about to reign Digital Platforms - Gregory Lamberson's SLIME CITY slaughters the internet May 10, 2016!

THE VIRGIN WITCH (aka WITCHES OF SAPPHO SALON) - CHANTAL director Tony Marsiglia's first film for Seduction Cinema Studios is a hypnotically erotic homage to '70s Satanic Ritual films, with a heavy dose of sex appeal!  Don't miss it when it hits digital platforms, Vudu, Google and PlayStation (to name a few) May 10, 2016

AN EROTIC WEREWOLF IN LONDON - Misty Mundae stars in this sexy Seduction Cinema mash-up / homage to INTERVIEW WITH A VAMPIRE and AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON.  Shot on location in London, England (where else?) this SC classic features some of the craziest werewolf transformations in the history of lycanthropic cinema.  Check it out on your tablet, phone, laptop, game box or internet-enabled TV May 10, 2016

July 5, 2016 brings three classic catalog titles to digitla platforms: AN EROTIC VAMPIRE IN PARIS, PUNK ROCK and THE WITCHES OF VIRGIN FOREST  (aka WITCHBABE: THE EROTIC WITCH PROJECT III)

August 9, 2016
Its end of summer, but Seduction Cinema’s bringing the heat with three steamy erotic features!  Catch them on Video On Demand and streaming August 9, 2016:
CURIOUS OBSESSIONS – two roommates find their love life unexpected spicy after a haunted projector shows up at their door!  Starring Jackie Stevens (Iron Babe) and Bethany Lott (Lust in Space)

SECRET DESIRES –Darian Caine (Gladiator Eroticus) stars as a bored housewife whose engine starts to purr at the sound of a vintage projector!  With Jackie Stevens (IronBabe) and Molly Heartbreaker (Lustful Illusions)

THE NAUGHTY NOVELIST –Darian Caine stars with Jackie Stevens and A.J. Khan in this sexy tale of a writer whose erotica is so hot, it literally sets her manuscripts on fire!

Also available August 9 is a snapshot of classic 1970s grindhouse cinema, Carter Stevens’ PLEASURE PALACE!  It’s a shocking tale of murder and passion, in which violent mobsters initiate a reign of terror on the owners of an exclusive massage parlor. 

And if late-night sexy or grindhouse isn’t your thing, Camp Motion Pictures offers the newest horror feature by filmmaker Henrique Couto – ALONE IN THE GHOST HOUSE on DVD and to digital platforms.  It’s a frighteningly good take on the found-footage genre that the critics are praising for its “twist ending” ( and giving “four out of five stars” (Demons of Celluloid)

Coming Fall of 2016
ROTGUT – Billy Garberina (Necroville), Devin O’Leary (Stiffed) and Craig Butler knock it out of the park with this super-slimy tale about a stolen batch of super-hootch that turns boozers into worm-infested, gut-vomiting mindless zombies.   There’s also a cult, but we don’t want to give too much away. 
Director Ivan Cardoso is credited with creating “terrir”, a genre mash-up of horror, pop culture and campy eroticism with influences stemming from Little Shop of Horrors to Flash Gordon to Hammer Horror to The Island of Dr. Moreau.  Whatever his influences, his films are absurdly atmospheric, sexy and entertaining, peppered with plenty of the classic horror elements we all know and love.  Does that werewolf in Werewolf in the Amazon look familiar?  Maybe ‘cause it’s Paul Naschy in his favorite role.  Coming soon, with brand new theatrical poster art from Marc Schoenbach of Sadist Art Designs.