article Posted on March 28th, 2018


Late-Night Features from the 2000s Get DVD and Newly Expanded Digital Distribution

 Pop Cinema confirmed it has re-issued five soft-erotic features produced by Jim Wynorski in the early ‘00s to DVD, with newly expanded digital availability soon to follow.  The movies selected for re-release in single or double-feature collections are Witches of Breastwick (featuring alleged POTUS-dating adult entertainer Stormy Daniels), Witches of Breastwick II, House on Hooter Hill, Breastford Wives and Busty Twins. The re-issues will mirror the original releases with one exception; new cover art featuring star Glori-Anne Gilbert graces the DVD re-release of House on Hooter Hill, replacing the now Out-Of-Print cover with adult entertainer Alexia Moore (named in a New York prostitution ring scandal shortly after modeling for the 2007 cover art).
All of the 2018 re-releases are available direct from Alternative Cinema at the special price of $12.99 each through April.

 When contacted about the re-releases, producer Jim Wynorski – who has already plugged the new House on Hooter Hill cover online - had this to say about working with Stormy Daniels on Witches of Breastwick,
 “regarding Stormy Daniels…she’s sexy as hell, but even I never would have guessed Stormy would take the USA by storm!  Seriously though, she was very sweet and a pleasure to work with.  I was very pleased with her professionalism, and I’m delighted with the work Pop Cinema is doing to keep these films in the market.
Find additional information on the Jim Wynorski-- Produced Pop Cinema DVD Releases below

Witches of Breastwick / Witches of Breastwick II Double Feature DVD
David Carter is haunted by a recurring dream-turned-nightmare in which three mysterious women seduce him in an orgy of steamy eroticism, only to kill him at the moment of climax. After locating the forested landscape David sees so vividly each night, he and his wife Tiffany stumble upon an isolated home inhabited by three luscious witches – Felicia (Stormy Daniels), Lola (Julie K. Smith) and Rebecca (Glori-Anne Gilbert). Will David’s reality mirror his dream?  And who survives for Witches of Breastwick II?
Extras on the DVD double feature include two commentary tracks by producer Jim Wynorski and star Glori-Anne Gilbert as well as a trailer vault.

House on Hooter Hill DVD
A house haunted by the sensual spirit of its gorgeous, recently deceased owner becomes the setting for paranormal activity and a mysterious legacy in this erotic thriller from H.R. Blueberry. Young married couple Sue and Ryan, three busty babes, and a voluptuous psychic arrive at the secluded house for a reading of the horny homeowner's videotaped will. 
Extras on the House on Hooter Hill DVD includes bonus retro loops and a trailer vault.

Breastford Wives
Young professionals Rob and Laura move to the cozy town of Breastford, looking forward the peace and quiet of the suburbs. They’ve barely settled in when they are visited by the welcoming committee of the Breastford Women’s Association – three voluptuous beauties who seem to be non-stop sex machines with no "off" button! Can Breastford really be the erotic hotbed it seems, or could this be part of some deadly scheme? Breastford Wives stars Glori-Anne Gilbert (Bare Wench Project, Witches of Breastwick) and popular adult actress Taylor Wane (Taylor Wane’s Erotic Games).
Extras on the Breastford Wives DVD include bonus retro loops and a trailer vault.

Busty Twins Double Feature DVD
Philandering doctor Rick Taylor becomes the prime suspect after his wife Susan is found dead in a hot tub. Taylor immediately feels the squeeze from veteran detective Blake, who thinks Taylor murdered his wife after she uncovered one of his many illicit affairs with internet chat-room beauties (Monique Parent, Julie K. Smith, Chasey Laine, Jodie Moore). As his remaining hours of freedom quickly pass, Taylor is consoled by Susan’s equally sexy and voluptuous twin sister, Jenny, who seems to have an uncommonly seductive interest in him. Busty Twins is a steamy erotic thriller starring Glori-Anne Gilbert in dual roles as Susan and her twin sister, Jenny.
Extras include the bonus feature Strip for Action, in which twins Crystal & Jocelyn Potter introduce a series of sexy clips – including one with Stormy Daniels! - while horsing around in a bubble bath together.
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