Carter Stevens - New York Grindhouse Pioneer Needs You!

article Posted on December 20th, 2016

Blog by Michael Raso

It has been a real honor in the last ten years to be the trusted home video label and distributor for many films in the Carter Stevens library. For those who don't know, Carter is the filmmaker who wrote and directed some of the most popular adult films shot on the east coast in the 1970s. Films such as "Punk Rock", "WIcked Schoolgirls", Rollerbabies" to name a few. All our our DVD collectios are approved by the man himself and are packed with movies, interviews and extras!

Carter is retired living on a modest pension in Pennsyvlania. Tight times have hit and Carter has started a Go Fund Me account to seek some financial relief. He's not looking for a hand out. He's selling autographed posters and other memorabilia.

We're chipping in too! For every Carter Stevens Collector's Edition DVD sold in the next 60 days, we're giving 100% of the sale price directly to Carter in your name. That's right. Order any DVD from the list below, we'll ship it to you and donate the funds.

If you are not inteested in DVDs you can help out be going direct to Carter's GoFundMe page here.

In advance, I thank everyone and happy holidays!

DVDs available
Pleasure Palace Three Film Collection - HERE
Collegiates Four-Film Collection - HERE
Wicked Schoolgirls Avon Collection - HERE
Hot, Wet & Wild Collection - HERE
Teenage Twins Collection - HERE
Carter's Dirty 8mm Home Movies - HERE