Camp Motion Pictures / Pop Cinema Fall 2017 / Winter 2018 Release Schedule

article Posted on October 11th, 2017

September 12, 2017 – The Prince and the Nature Girl

Trash film-maker extraordinaire Doris Wishman’s final and most sought-after entry in the Nudist Exploitation genre, presented in its original 1:33.1 aspect ratio!
An attractive and successful businessman named Prince takes an interest in the blond half of a pair of newly hired identical twins. The girls, Eve and Sue, are polar opposites – Eve, the blonde, is lazy and uninhibited while Sue, the brunette, is hardworking and demure. Captivated by Eve, Prince is over the moon when he runs into her that weekend at his favorite nudist camp. A light flirtation ensues, with neither realizing that stay-at-home Sue is helplessly in love. When Eve leaves to attend a friend’s wedding, Sue embarks upon a deception that will change their lives forever.
DVD $24.99 SRP/ 53 mins / 4x3 / 2.0 Stereo / Extras: Atomic TV Segment - 5 min Nature Girl short subject film - 14 min Nudism short subject film - 11 min Rock Lodge Nudist Camp short subject film - 15 min Hideout in the Sun trailer - 2 min Liner Notes Booklet / Essay by Wishman biographer Michael Bowen

September 12, 2017 – 42nd Street Pete Presents Hippy Hooker 1970 Grindhouse Triple Feature

Last viewed during their initial run in grubby storefront theaters of New York in the early-1970s, these three rare films are now available for the first time on DVD. DVD includes intro and 42nd Street anecdotes from the man himself – 42nd Street Pete!

Hippy Hooker (1974) – A long haired pot smoker confesses to his favorite girl that he’s been having nightmares about picking up a middle-aged hooker hooker hitchhiker. When the dream becomes reality and said hitchhiker smokes all of his weed, he makes her pay him back with sex! True California dreamin’ in this 1974 West Coast skin flick! (60 min)

Nattie’s Pleasure Palace (1975) The local land lord is priming his son to take over his vast estate but the young man has never been with a woman! One of his properties is Nattie’s Pleasure Palace – the local good-time brothel! Lot’s of mischief and sexy times to be had in this period piece set in the 1930s. (60 min)

The Girls From Wam-Bam (1975)  Two enterprising young woman “distract” local business men with sex while their boyfriends loot and clean-out the goods and cash. (60 min)

DVD $29.99 SRP / 2/0 Stereo, 16x9, color, 180 mins run time

November 07, 2017 – Ghastlies

Three sorority sisters plan an initiation for their nerdy friend during a weekend getaway.  Things don’t go exactly as planned when they accidentally stumble upon a craft containing a trio of extraterrestrial ghastly ghouls!  Armed with only their boyfriends and brains, they resolve to send these pint-sized gatecrashers back to the edge of the universe - or die trying.

GHASTLIES is an exuberant homage to 80s tiny critter movies featuring a tubular electro-pop score. Extras include a double-sided wrap, commentary with director Brett Kelly and actor Trevor Payer, Going Ghastlies FX Featurette, Tomb Talks Tubular Toonage and They’re Ghastlies music video 

DVD / Blu-Ray Combo $34.99 SRP / 76 mins / 16x9 / 2.0 Stereo / commentary with director Brett Kelly and actor Trevor Payer / Going Ghastlies FX Featurette / Tomb Talks Tubular Toonage / They’re Ghastlies music video / stars Kim Valentine, Jessica Huether, Julie Mainville, Eric Deniverville and Joe Elliot

Coming Winter of 2018

Dick Johnson and Tommygun vs The Cannibal Cop

Two mismatched homicide detectives are forced to team up and stop a serial killer in this horror / buddy-cop hybrid critics are calling “laugh out loud funny” and “everything a genre cinema fan could ask for.” 8

Terror grips a small town in upstate New York as a serial killer targeting young women stalks the streets. Under growing media pressure, Captain Phil Phillips (Dan Hicks, Evil Dead II) assigns two mismatched homicide detectives to the case – meticulous by-the-book rookie Dick Johnson (Sam Qualiana, Killer Rack) and slovenly renegade Jeff Tommygun (John Renna, Johnny Gruesome).  With little to go on but an escalating body count and a devious informer, Dick and Jeff must stop a mad man and his crazed cult from killing and devouring over 100 women…before they kill each other.

Featuring Debbie Rochon (Tromeo and Juliet), Timothy Patrick Quill  (Army of Darkness) and an appearance by the Japanese Punk Band Pinky Doodle Poodle


Ltd Edition Blu-Ray $24.99 / Double Sided Wrap / Directed by Chris RadosJohn Renna / Commentary with John Renna

Pop Cinema / Something Weird Racy Reels from the Something Weird Vault Series

A collaboration between Something Weird and Pop Cinema, Racy Reels from the Something Weird Vault showcases obscure and outrageous examples of 70s smut restored from “lost”, rare and well- ground 35mm elements in the Something Weird library.  These themed double-features mark the first time many of the films will be available as Blu-Ray / DVD combos to Home Entertainment.

Vol. 1 – Cries of Ecstasy, Blows of Death / Invasion of the Love Drones

“A pioneering slice of post-apocalypse cinema”* only begins to describe the soft-core doomsday fever-dream that is Cries of Ecstasy, Blows of Death (1973), head-lining this fantasy – sci-fi double-feature Blu-Ray / DVD combo from Pop Cinema and Something Weird.

Before Mad Max, humans struggle to survive a barren planet populated by roving bands of biker gangs, armed with only some killer kung-fu moves and a willingness to get down with just about anyone. Starring the gorgeous Sandi Cary, Kim Lu and the ubiquitous Uschi Digard, Cries of Ecstasy, Blows of Death is a dystopian action film tailor-made for lovers of 70s exploitation cinema.

“Welcome to…The Erogenous Zone” intones a Rod Sterling-esque voice as we dive into 1977’s Invasion of the Love Drones, an absurd, ambitious and ultra-stylish sci-fi romp in which Eric Edwards is enlisted by aliens to deflect a nuclear-tipped rocket from their mother ship…by causing a planetary orgasm, of course. Featuring Bree Anthony, Jennifer Jordan, with an appearance by Jamie Gillis.


Blu-Ray & DVD Combo Release / SRP: $39.95 / Liner Notes booklet with original one-sheet poster images and film selects, essay by Jeremy Richey of Art Decades / Cries of Ecstasy Blows of Death directed by Directed by Antony Weber / Starring Sandy CareyMichael AbbottJohn Martin and Uschi Digard / Invasion of the Love Drones directed by Jerome Hamlin / Starring Eric Edwards,  Bree Anthony, Jennifer Jordan, Joann SterlingArlana Blue

Vol. 2 – Female Chauvinists / Hot Connections

“We have found a serpent in our garden of Eden” cries Ms. Fulla Bull, the leader of a militant group of feminists in Female Chauvinists (1976), one of two wacky ‘70s satires of the women’s lib movement in this double-feature Blu-Ray / DVD combo from Pop Cinema and Something Weird.

After infiltrating a feminist training camp, a recruit “hires” her boyfriend as the handyman, where he is discovered by the militant leader and scheduled for castration!  Taking pity on him, the ladies decide to keep him as a stud, proving not all feminists are hard-core lesbians.  Female Chauvinists features a bevy of late-night stars including the bountiful Roxanne Brewer, Uschi Digard and Candy Samples.

After a switch-board operator becomes pregnant by her married boss, the ladies – and wives – of the phone company get their revenge in Hot Connections (1972), a saucy comedy featuring Rene Bond, Tally Wright and Mindy Brandt.

Blu-Ray & DVD Combo Release / SRP: $39.95 / Extras include Uschi Digard Loop Collection & Liner Notes booklet by Robin Bougie of Cinema Sewer / Female Chauvinists directed by Jourdan Alexander / Starring Uschi Digard, Roxanne Brewer and Candy Samples / Hot Connections directed by James Hong / Starring Rene Bond, Lynn Harris, Sandy Dempsey