article Posted on July 21st, 2014

July 19, 2014 New York NY – The lost 1972 Ed Wood adult film The Young Marrieds will be released to DVD November 18, 2014 by After Hours Cinema as part of a three film collection titled ED WOOD’S DIRTY MOVIES.  The films - The Young Marrieds, Nympho Cycler and Shot on Location - will also be available as single feature releases on supporting digital platforms.


This is it! Cult movie auteur Ed Wood Jr.’s very last film as writer-director. 

The Young Marrieds (1972) is also one of the rarest ‘lost’ movies in cult filmdom---so rare it wasn’t even known for sure it existed. But finally a print of Ed Wood’s final 16mm masterpiece surfaced, and After Hours Cinema is proud to present this rare feature in a revealing DVD collection of Wood’s declining years toiling in the adult movie industry of Los Angeles.

The Young Marrieds is both a step deeper into the adult film world Ed Wood helped pioneer---and at the same time hearkens back to Wood’s very first
feature, the infamous Glen or Glenda (1953) and its plea for tolerance of alternate sexual lifestyles and identities. Sporting numerous prop items from Wood’s Necromania (1971) but trading its softcore-with-inserts format for full hardcore,
The Young Marrieds will both shock and fascinate the millions of Wood fans around the world.

This one-of-a-kind collection also includes Ed Wood on-screen in Nympho Cycler and Shot on Location.

Discovered by film archeologist Dimitrios Otis in 2007, the 16mm print of the 60-minute feature is now officially recognized as Ed Wood’s final film.  An informative and entertaining video interview with Dimitrios on the subject can be viewed here.

The Young Marrieds and Nympho Cycler in the September 11-18 Anthology Film Archives retrospective  THE 10TH DIMENSION: EDWARD D. WOOD, JR.
ED WOOD’S DIRTY MOVIES Technical Specs and DVD Breakdown

Films – The Young Marrieds, Nympho Cycler and Shot on Location

Catalog Code – ah4288

UPC - 612385428890

SRP - $29.95

Pre-Book – 10/14/2014

Street Date – 11/18/2014

Director – Ed Wood, Various

Starring – Ed Wood, Rene Bond

Discs – 1

Aspect Ratio – 4x3

Audio – 2.0

Extras – After Hours Cinema Trailer Vault, Liner Notes Booklet by Dimitrios Otis

Total Run Time – 177 mins

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